Olivia Gooch

Olivia Gooch
Hometown: Kirksville, MO
Pledge Class: Fall 2017
Major(s): English
Minor(s): Spanish, Lingustics
Positions Held: Special Events
Family: Strawberry Limeade

Spring 2017 Recruitment

Interested in joining TLS? Come join us at our “Cheetah Girl” themed Recruitment!

Info Night: Monday, February 20 in the SUB Activities Room, 7-9 PM

Service & Sisterhood Night: Tuesday, February 21 in the SUB Activities Room, 7-9 PM

Interview Night: Wednesday, February 22 in the SUB Activities Room, 7-9 PM

Invite Only: Thursday, February 23

Fall 2016 Recruitment Info

Interested in joining TLS? Come join us at recruitment!

Info Night-Monday, September 19 @7-9 PM in the SUB Georgian Room C

Service & Sisterhood Night- Tuesday, September 20 @7-9 PM in the SUB Activities Room (3200)

Interview Night- Wednesday, September 21 @ 7-9 PM in Violette Hall 1400 Wing

Invite Only- Thursday, September 22

Welcome to our newest pledge class, Alpha Phi!

We are pleased to announce the pledge class of Fall 2015!

Alexis Vittengl                                     Haylee Capstick
Berina Karisik                                     Jane Kuebler
Carlen Fidler                                       Julie Barthel
Carolyn Jennings                                Kali Reynolds
Claire Vasilis                                       Laura Woods
Davianna Humble                               Lauren Dermody
Deirra Gross                                       Lauren Fisher
Elizabeth Scanlon                               Maddie Cloonan
Emily Alves                                         Sarah Sazdar
Haleigh Oetting                                    Zoe Honeck