Coming Fall 2020: Honey I’m Home!

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Why others joined TLS:

“I joined TLS to get more involved in service and to build a support system at Truman. I got exactly what I asked for and more.”

“TLS is a great balance of service and social. It invites you to develop unforgettable friendships with the most amazing women but it also helps you open your eyes to the community of Truman and Kirksville. This organization will be there for you through academics, service, and happiness because all the women want you to succeed. I joined because I knew this organization was an incredible bonus to my Truman career.”

“As an international students being far from home can be a little tough. Tls makes me feel like home away from home. I have one big family full of amazing girls from different backgrounds and beliefs that support me and love me!”

“I joined TLS because I needed a positive change while I was adjusting to life away from home. I also wanted to create strong and lasting friendships. The service component was also important to me, I couldn’t wait to better my new community!”

“I joined TLS because I needed to be more active on campus. I was shutting myself off from the very few friends I had and could feel myself spiraling. TLS brought me out of that and gave me a group of friends I could confide in and a reason get out of the house.”

“I joined TLS as a fun way to serve the Kirksville community and also gain friends. I wanted to be apart of a group that chooses to support me, as well as being able to cheer on every sister! TLS gave me a home at Truman for all the love and support I want to give and receive.”

“I rushed just to support a friend, but I got so much more from my experience. I have gained lifelong friends that I can always get support from and steer me in the right direction. I felt instantly comfortable with all the girls and there is always a positive and welcoming vibe whenever a group of us are together. I truly found my home away from home with TLS.”